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1989. National Video Center. NYC.

Phil Joanou set up a meeting to discuss the opening title sequence for his upcoming film “State Of Grace,” starring Sean Penn, Gary Oldham and Ed Harris. He’d been working with a film design firm, and was dissatisfied with the work they were doing. He’d started working on videotape while editing U2’s “Rattle & Hum,” and he’d heard through the grapevine that I was doing unconventional things in my edit suite. Phil had shot footage of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade; he wanted to deconstruct it and make it really moody to match …Continue Reading


1992. National Video Center. NYC.







Yes it does exist. Vimeo has removed it at the request of the RIAA- the organization that polices U2’s work.

It seems silly to me. I seem to remember a certain member of U2’s organization telling me, when asked if we had the rights to the broadcast TV footage we using for the ZOOTV concert, “Its ok. we’re stealing from the thieves.”

In the meantime enjoy the spoof of the video below.

“Rattle & Hum” director Phil Joanou called and said he was coming to NYC after being on U2’s “Actung Baby” tour for 2 weeks…Continue Reading