Los Angeles, CA & New York, NY — 99 Tigers director Brett Karley has won quadruple honors from PromaxBDA. Karley directed the show open for MSG Network’s “Friday Night Knicks.” At the PromaxBDA Sports Media Marketing Awards, his piece won Gold for Best TV/Video Campaign, a Best Editing Gold, and a Best Director Silver Award.

99 Tigers, the NY- and LA-based creative services agency, also won Best Long-Form Promo Silver for its MSG Media “You Are Here” video. Karley shot and edited “You Are Here” in collaboration with 99 Tigers creative director/writer David See…Continue Reading


99 Tigers just went Hollywood for MSG Network. With the NBA and NHL seasons over, MSG gave its viewers a taste of classic Hollywood movies. Our summer-long print campaign for MSG Movie Mondays features five classic NYC titles and two football flicks, gearing up for a whole new season. Designer/Creative Director: Azin Shamma. Writer/Creative Director: David Seeley.


On June 17, 2013, the PromaxBDA conference kicked off with an Elite Party thrown by 99 Tigers, Univision and Oishi Creative. Guests took an elevator to the 15th floor Perch Restaurant in downtown LA to enjoy cocktails, tasty food offerings, and mingling galore. Then, without notice, a time portal from the future opened and everyone’s lives changed forever. Technotronic Jamface, the world’s most futuristic band from the future, stepped through the portal and made attendees hear and feel things they’d never heard or felt before. The band, consisting of Microphone …Continue Reading


How do you take the sacred medium of television and “fuck with it”? Looking back at the early, revolutionary days of MTV, Glenn Lazzaro shows how. This clip from the 2008 Promax/BDA conference was part of the session “Influencers of a Generation: MTV.” Glenn’s message: Things were different back in the ’80s. Experimenting! Magnets dragged across screens! Anti-promotion that turned into some of the greatest promotion of all time! It’s all in one quick peek at how a groundbreaking brand was born.

Here is a little sampler of some of the best MTV Promotion.

http…Continue Reading


Played Key Role in truTV Rebrand; Launching New Division 98 Monkeys

NEW YORK, VENICE & DALLAS, January 10, 2013  |  Diana Lochridge, who recently left her position as VP of creative services at truTV, has joined 99 Tigers, a branding and promotion company based in New York, Venice and Dallas.

While at truTV, Lochridge played a key role in one of television’s most successful recent rebrands, helping to reshape its identity from Court TV to a high-energy home of “actuality” programming, featuring real people and real situations in an entertaining context.

At 99 Tigers, Lochridge will b…Continue Reading


99 Tigers is proud to announce that comedy director/writer Todd Berger has joined our team.

Todd hails from New Orleans and has been making movies since age 11 (Dick Tracy vs. Dr. Bubbles, in which he also starred). His first feature, The Scenesters, played over 30 film festivals in 2010 and won Most Interesting Film at the Slamdance Film Festival. His feature-length documentary Don’t Eat The Baby: Adventures at post-Katrina Mardi Gras played on the final night of the 2007 New Orleans Film Festival. His most recent film, It’s A Disaster, had its world premiere at the Los Angeles Film F…Continue Reading


Posted by Glenn Lazzaro for his series “Adventures in Television”

Several of the spots in this promo break came from the edit rooms at National Video Center. NBC producers Tim Miller and Don Duncan usually had one or two rooms going at any given time in those days. I worked on the “Real Life with Jane Pauley” promo in this break. As a bonus, I also got my first chance to shoot film.

Tim and Don had hired a documentary film crew to shoot “real-life scenes” of America for Pauley’s show open. For the promo, they wanted to intercut the open with an in…Continue Reading


Posted by Glenn Lazzaro for his series “Adventures in Television”

July 11, 2011, Dallas Texas

Throughout the past seasons of “Top Chef”, Padma Lakshmi has eaten apples, oranges, cake, whipped cream, chocolate, watermelons and tomatoes for the Promos. And she has done it really, really well. So when it was time to shoot the promos for “Top Chef Texas” Amy Troiano, VP of On Air Promotion, Trez Thomas VP Brand strategy, Creative Director Justin Reichman and Producer Elizabeth Massip all agreed that we would shoot Padma eating an iconic Texas food for…Continue Reading


What the world needs now is peace. Brotherhood. Great on-air promotion.

Oh, and more wild tigers.

As we ring in 2012, 99 Tigers invites you to join a seriously cool mission: to keep wild tigers from vanishing forever.

As few as 3,200 tigers are left in the wild, endangered by illegal trade and deforestation.

Leo diCaprio and the World Wildlife Fund have launched a global campaign, Save the Tigers, to turn this around. Leo’s pledged $1 million to help build political, financial and public support to double the number of wild tigers by 2022, the next Year of the Tiger.

The Kar…Continue Reading


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1992. National Video Center. NYC.

One day Mark Pellington called and said he wanted to come over and play 2 songs for me that he would be directing Music Videos for. I could choose which one I wanted to edit. I had been working with Mark for a number of years while he was a writer/producer/director at MTV and he had made the transition to full time director by this time. The songs were “Beautiful Girl” by INXS and “Jeremy” by a new band called “Pearl Jam.”

After listening to…Continue Reading