Glenn choppping Top Chef

Glenn Lazzaro prepares to slice & dice at a Bravo “Top Chef” shoot. Uh, Glenn, watch out for your thumbs!

joan BEAR molly lays

2 Tigers and a bear! Joan Sullivan and Molly Christie Benson pose with the star of Jeff Grace’s Lay’s Thanksgiving shoot.

Top Chef New Orleans

Glenn Lazzaro, Padma Lakshmi & Tom Colicchio do the Big Easy for “Top Chef New Orleans.”

Bill Emily Todd at SXSW

Bill Price, Promax/BDA’s Emily Little and Todd Berger @ SXSW, with Tiger-ized 45’s.

Arsenio Hall gets a grip with Glenn Lazzaro, ’round midnight on a scary promo launch shoot.

DP Bobby Bukowski and Glenn Lazzaro watching for zombies on “Arsenio” shoot.

David Seeley in cemetery for “Arsenio” shoot: “Did you hear something? I think I heard something.”

EP Molly Christie Benson & producer Jason Gilbert whistlin’ in the graveyard on “Arsenio” shoot.

Tom Colicchio and Glenn Lazzaro somehow not drinking coffee at “Top Chef” Seattle Bravo shoot.

Bravo’s “Top Chef” Seattle: Glenn Lazzaro and Padma Lakshmi discuss their Starbucks order.

Glenn Lazzaro with Jenni Pulos as “Deb” from Bravo’s “Millionaire Matchmaker.”

Glenn Lazzaro directs Satan vs. Abe Lincoln in a cage match for CBS’ “Survivor: Good vs. Evil.”

Betty White: Good. Attila the Hun: Evil. (Hey, thanks for eating all the craft service.)

Brett Karley’s multi-million $ MSG shoot. Time-lapse sunsets never looked better.

Jesse Ventura of truTV’s “Conspiracy Theory.” Storm on the shoot night? Conspiracy!


Glenn Lazzaro with Astra Dorf after winning Humanitarian Emmy. Such a good guy.


With Bravo after a long shoot day. As Balzac said, there goes another novel.


Dining on a shoot is very glamorous.


Bryant Wang and Brett Karley working on a Univision Upfront. Editing is very glamorous.


Glenn Lazzaro on the rocks for CBS’ “Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites.”


“Don’t forget to pull the cord.”

Tenting LA’s Union Station for TeenNick’s “Gigantic.”


Heights don’t scare us. Darkness does. One more shot and we avoid overtime!


A red carpet for “Gigantic.”


“Ready, set…”


FOOOOOD FIGHT!!! For Bravo’s “Top Chef All-Stars.”


Glenn going airborne for TNT in Sedona, AZ

Directing Heidi Klum and the cast of “Project Runway” for Bravo.

Shooting Jenna Elfman for ABC. Are those tiger stripes? Yes. Those are tiger stripes.

Can an NBA player fly? He can if you have strong straps, and good insurance.